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Real Estate Photo Editing Services

Make your real estate business worth a million dollar success with our services.

Make your real estate business worth a million dollar success with our services.

Are you a real estate expert? So you must be aware of the importance of images and photographs while selling your property. As there is a dearth of buyers in the market, it is important to grab the attraction of customers and for that you need best quality real estate photos. Will you buy a home that looks dark and murky - No.? So you need images that reveal the beauty of your property.

Here comes in the services provided by Kanak Graphics. We have a team of experts who will work on your photos to make them look wonderful.

Sell your property with our photo editing

Real estate photography is somewhat difficult. It's not as simple as clicking the photos - you need to attract the customers. The photo of the house needs to be presented as if it is a dream home by highlighting its best features. This cannot be achieved by standard photography. Some cameras are not able to capture proper colors or have a low resolution or there is not proper light. On the other hand, hiring the services of a professional photographer may be expensive. The solution to all your problems is Kanak Graphics. With our Real Estate Photo Editing Services, you don't require a professional photographer or an expensive camera. Just take photographs even with your mobile phones and get them edited into fascinating images that will undoubtedly attract customers.

Let the photo speak

A picture speaks more than the words especially in the flourishing real estate business. We provide all services related to real estate photography. We help you present your property with its best possible attributes and win your buyers. We have a team of well-versed editors will efficiently handle your images, and come out with exceptional photos within the given timeframe. The results will be eye-catching.

What we specialize at?

  • We will enhance the colors of your photo and make it look perfect.
  • The distortions that are very common in real estate photography can be corrected by our skilled designers.
  • We use photo stitching methods to club numerous photos into a single image.
  • The color casts are removed from your photos to attain a perfect color balance.
  • The designers at Kanak Graphics make sure that editing is well-suited with the sky color.
  • We add depth to each and every photo to enthral buyers. HDR finish is provided to each image.

Basic features of our Real Estate Photo Editing Services:

  • Fix perspective issues caused by tilted lenses.
  • Sky enhancement or replacement to a bright blue sky.
  • Take out unwanted objects like switches, wires , trees etc.
  • Blend images of different exposure to match indoor and outdoor lighting.
  • Straightening and reshaping of objects.
  • Removal of Minor Reflections and camera flashes.
  • Adjusting the Brightness and Contrast.