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Enhance the beauty in your photos with Photo Retouching!

Enhance the beauty in your photos with Photo Retouching!

What is Photo Retouching?

Photo Retouching is a term that refers to modification or amending an image. Before the advent of digital photography, retouching was restricted to be performed only by professionals. They used retouching pens for the erasing of scratches and marks. Alternatively, they shone controlled light on photos in a dark room for retouching them.

With the dawn of the age of digital photography, retouching was made possible using a personal computer with the help of a graphic editing program. Now, recreating photos to make them look more beautiful is possible! Colours, contrast and brightness are adjusted by photo retouching. Additionally, camera settings that cannot be completely automatically controlled or adjusted can be fixed by the utilisation of graphic editors.

Graphic editors come into two types. They are:

  • Drawing Programs: Used to draw lines on screen.
  • Painting programs : Used to paint using brushes onscreen.

These painting programs are the ones predominantly used in photo editing. Adobe Photoshop is the global standard when it comes to editing of graphics for photographers and graphic designers.

Image Manipulation

Image Manipulation can be done with retouching techniques and software. Celebrity pictures in magazine covers are normally retouched or manipulated to make the skin look smoother, teeth whiter, eyes bold, and legs made thinner. The photos are generally enhanced in quality with retouching.

Color profiling

Color profiling is the technical aspect and decides the quality of print destined for either the web or the digital billboards. For example, North American prints have a yellow shade that contains in it a tinge of red than the European yellow inks. Thus, these subtle differences in pictures and images can be handled by the technical procedures involved in retouching.

Basic features of our Photo Retouching Services:

  • Removal of laugh lines & wrinkles.
  • Enhancement of glamour and bridal makeup.
  • Selective colorization.
  • Beauty touch-up and makeup correction.
  • Correction of color, contrast and perspective.
  • Correction of different facial features along with the removal of blemishes, scars and burns.
  • Body slimming, face, arm, or legs reshaping.
  • Unwanted object removal.