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Photo Panorama Stitching Services

We cast an impression as we shoot a panorama image of a sweeping landscape!

We cast an impression as we shoot a panorama image of a sweeping landscape!

Showcasing sweeping landscapes is now easy!

Showcasing sweeping landscapes is so easy with panoramic photos. The process involves clicking a series of photos and combining them or stitching them together on a single screen. A wider angle of view is obtained this way with just the normal standard lens and the resulting image is all encompassing and dramatic.

Photo stitching is not as easy as it may sound. It involves the seamless arrangement and putting together of photos, correcting for lens distortion and perspective. It also involves correctly blending each photo at its seam and recognising pixel perfect matches.

The following steps or stages have been identified in panorama stitching:

Stage 1:Physically setting up the camera: This is to capture a series of photos of the landscape from the same point of perspective.

Stage 2: Manually choosing pairs of control points to help us to select the order and appropriate positioning of the images.

Stage 3: The perspective is defined and type of projection identified.

Stage 4: Digital image interpolation is performed along with shifting the images such that the selected perspective is still maintained.

Stage 5: Deleting seams between photos so that the images blend naturally.

Stage 6: Cropping of the panoramic photo to fit into a rectangular shape. There may be interventions such as touching-up, etc.

We at Kanak Graphics produce 20 megapixel panoramas or so with photos. A great level of detail of the panorama is obtained in this manner with a rather even a inexpensive compact, handheld camera.

Basic features of our Photo Panorama Stitching Services

  • Positioning of Images.
  • Seamless stitching of images.
  • Balancing the exposure of different images.
  • Correction of lens distortion.
  • Correction of color, contrast and perspective.
  • Unwanted object removal.
  • High-resolution Panorama.