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Photo Manipulation Services

Manipulate photos to obtain the picture perfect Image!

Manipulate photos to obtain the picture perfect Image!

You don't want that vase or that wall to destroy the beauty of your image?? Here we solve it for you!

Photo Manipulation - What is it?

Altering photos to enhance the look, readability, and aesthetics by utilizing computer software is known a photo manipulation. A manipulated image closely resembles reality and it is hard for the viewer to distinguish both. Photo manipulation is a tool employed by photo editors, photographers, photojournalists, graphic designers and others. These are the individuals functioning in visual arts, visual communications, communication design, mass media, page layout, content design, and relevant fields.

What is it about?

Elements of a photograph are creatively and aesthetically combined by photo manipulation the concise to produce the ultimate image of high quality. A real look to the photo is given by photo manipulation techniques.

Corrections are normally needed after photos have been shot. Photo shopping is done as a need for expressing creativity of the photographer. Modification can be done to fill in gaps due to insufficient lighting or imperfections that maybe encountered while shooting.

Photo manipulation can include enhancing the contrast, color, gradation, white balance, and sharpness of images.

Remove all the unwanted things from your image to intensify the beauty of the moment captured by you.

Creative Retouching

Creative Retouching is a form of art that involves enhancing the photos or images for advertisements, beauty, fashion, and art exhibits.

Image Composting

Image Composting is employed by digital artists to blend a number of photos into one composite image.

Basic features of our Photo Manipulation Services:

  • Placing missing persons or adding persons to groups.
  • Adding, removing or replacing objects.
  • Fix perspective distortion caused by lens.
  • Removal of spots and wrinkles.
  • Red eye editing, changing eye color.
  • Removal of jagged edges.
  • Cropping and Enlarging.