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Photo Clipping Path Services

Highlight the perfection of your images and enhance the beauty of your stunning pictures!

Highlight the perfection of your images and enhance the beauty of your stunning pictures!

Photo Clipping Path Services

Welcome to Kanak Graphics, your place for excellent photo editing services at invincible prices! The concrete foundation of our team of designers has made us successful. The talent of our artists is to provide best quality at unbeatable prices. This belief keeps bringing our customers again and again.

Clipping Path - an effective tool

One of the most effectual methods in graphic designing is Clipping Path. The task of the designers is to make sure that the images portrayed evoke emotions from the onlookers. Editing the photo involves both clipping and cropping. It not only makes the photo look realistic but also enhance the overall appearance of an image.

Get the background you desire

Photo clipping path is used when one wants to clip out a part of a photo. The clipped out part is then blended with another image to make it one photo. Clipping path is different from clipping mask wherein the mask is used to hide a part of the image.

Do you want to make your images look beautiful but have no time to do so? Kanak Graphics is one-stop solution for all your photo related issues. We have the specialists who will do it for you.

We provide all types of clipping path services - whether you need to remove the background from the photo or want to clip out certain part of it. You may also want to extract the image from one background and place it in another. We will do it all for you. People at Kanak graphics are proficient in this and use pen tools in Photoshop. So we guarantee excellent quality. Our expertise will meet all your needs.

Who need this service?

The clipping path service is used not only by the individuals and photographers but also by designing and advertising companies. So if you have many images of the products in your catalog and want to remove their background before placing them in a layout, you can use our services.

Basic features of our Photo Clipping Path Services:

  • Fine cutting edge manually, no use of magic tools.
  • Background removal with shadow and mirror effect.
  • Product image Cropping to best fix to screen.
  • Fixing the orientation of image.
  • Use special technique for hair and fabric objects to retain it's property.
  • Straightening and reshaping of objects.
  • Correction of color, contrast and perspective.