Kanak Graphics Pvt. Ltd.

A Photo Editing and Retouching Company

How It Works

Know Few Simple steps to work with Us. It is easy as 1-2-3.

It is easy as 1-2-3!

How It Work

STEP-1: Get quotation

Mail us with your requirement and few sample images. We'll give you quotation for your images. You may discuss different aspects of project through mail.

STEP-2: Get 2 free samples

You may ask for 2 free sample before start of project.

STEP-3: Approval for Samples

When you will get satisfied with our work quality and price, we can start project.

STEP-4: Upload Images

You can send images through any mean like dropbox, wetransfer, mail attachment or your FTP account. We also provide FTP account for our regular clients.

STEP-5: Final Verification

We'll send you water marked images for verification and to make you sure that your job has been done.

STEP-6: Payment

After verification, you'll need to pay for the project.

STEP-7: Job delivery

As soon we get payment, we will send you final job.

STEP-8: For Regular Clients

We can replace step-5 with step-7 that's mean we'll deliver final job before payment.


These are not hard and fast rules. If you are our regular client, we'll work according to your feasibility.